Lattice 开启交易聚合器全新2.0时代

2020年11月04日 15:40


Jingwen:Can you introduce Lattice to our community? What is the vision of the project and what are the problems it aims to solve?

你能介绍下Lattice 吗?它的愿景是什么,并试图解决什么问题?

Jorgensen:Latticeis the evolution of existing DeFi solutions by providing the best price and profitabilityfor protocol users. It enables smart routing for trades and the ability toaggregate liquidity pools and incorporate multiple Automated Market Making(AMM) algorithms on Constellation’s scalable Network.


Our vision is to increasethe ease of trading for users and to provide more efficient and profitablemethods for users on the platform. Theplatform will further lay the foundation for a tokenized data economy based onthe Hypergraph Ecosystem. This will not only evolve crypto asset financialtrading solutions, but to scale into traditional securities markets.


In3–5 year vision this will become a marketplace of oracalized and validated data(external data sources as well) that can be blended to create advanced tradealgos — like those seen in practice in traditional securities trading andstrategies.


Latticewill be ultimately built on the Constellation Hypergraph allowing for nearlyinstant transactions and cheaper fees. Especially for traders and users who usethe DeFi ecosystem frequently, Lattice is the perfect solution.


Jingwen:What's the background of you, and Why choose the track of trading?


Jorgensen:Back in 2016 I was CRO (chief revenue officer) for a group called Exo Works — we provided Fortune 500 companies with a playbook for adopting new technologies (AR, VR, Blockchain, etc.) I learned a lot about blockchain technology from an advisory standpoint. Living in San Francisco, I had first hand access to people building great technologies. This is where I met the co-founders of Constellation. I was serving as an advisor to a bunch of (normal) tech companies and this introduced me to a whole new world of doers! That is when I REALLY learned about blockchain.

早在2016年,我就是一个名为Exo Works的小组的CRO,我们为财富500强公司提供了采用新技术(AR,VR,区块链等)的脚本。我从咨询中学到了很多有关区块链技术的知识。而且我生活在旧金山,可以直接接触具备强大技术背景的人们。在这里,我认识了Constellation的联合创始人。我曾担任过许多科技公司的顾问,这使我接触到了一个崭新的领域!那也是我真正了解区块链的时候。

We went through a thought experiment where we saw the entire DeFi space as a bunch of band aids on top of a broken base layer 1 protocol (Ethereum). We saw an opportunity to showcase Constellation’s scalability (economically and technologically) through Lattice and merge the best in class in DeFi but on a scalable protocol.


Lattice is the evolution of existing DeFi solutions by providing the best price and profitability for protocol users. It enables smart routing for trades and the ability to aggregate liquidity pools and incorporate multiple Automated Market Making (AMM) algorithms on Constellation’s scalable Network.We saw a massive trend occurring in crypto that brought new fundamentals to the space – that merged fundamentals of BTC – but applied it and repositioned it in a new utility.

Lattice是现有DeFi解决方案的演进,它为dex用户提供了最佳的价格和盈利能力。它支持交易的智能路由,并能够汇总流动资金池,并在Constellation的可扩展网络上整合多种自动做市(AMM)算法。我们看到了加密技术的巨大趋势,这一趋势为该领域带来了新的基础知识-融合了BTC的基础知识- 但将其应用并重新放置在新的实用程序中。

Jingwen:How does Lattice work, What is Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol(HGTP), How about its security and performance , Have these characteristics been verified?

Lattice 如何运行,HGTP是什么?它的安全性和性能如何,这些特性是否被验证过?


The Constellation Hypergraph is a novel mainnet technology that features high throughput as well as economic and technological scalability. That means our infrastructure is meant to process high throughput and the throughput grows with the number of nodes on the network.

Constellation Hypergraph是一种新颖的主网技术,具有高吞吐量以及经济和技术可扩展性。这意味着我们的基础架构旨在处理高吞吐量,并且吞吐量随着网络上节点数的增长而增长。

So we are building lighthouse applications like Lattice to show what such an infrastructure can do. The same way Microsoft built excel, word and access as foundational pieces on top of their windows operating system. We anticipate that people will be starting to build their own solutions on the Hypergraph soon when they discover that they can scale their business model much easier than on ethereum and that they can integrate blockchain technology extremely easy into existing frameworks.


Security comes baked in the Hypergraph and in Lattice through multiple angles. Security is one of the aspects why the federal government is working with the Constellation team to append security to data pipelines and comm channels. As we have done a thought excercise around black swan events — we believe that security fro users comes in by the fact that the Hypergraph on which Lattice functions is scalable.


With economic scalability, you can only build a business on top of a network if you can decide the margins vs having the infrastructure dictate it for you. We like our users and governance to have more control and freedom.


Additionally, we have put together this diagram to show how we have multiple layers of security. Beyond double spend, we have multiple (concurrent) consensus mechansims as consensus is one of the key features of a decentralized network and no network can optimally be run by one consensus. By using multiple conesus mechanisms, we assure speed and security.


Jingwen:Can you explain more about Lattice's advantage against competitors, like Uniswap, Curve or Thorchain?

与其他类似产品(如Uniswap Curve 或Thorchain)相比,Lattice 的竞争优势是什么?

Jorgensen:Thereare many protocols that aims to provide liquidity in DeFi. Most notably,Uniswap is the first and most successful swap and it is the dominating protocolin the market in terms of active traders and trading volume. In terms of DEXaggregators, 1inch is the leading player right now. We think that bothplatforms are pioneering in the space and really helps with driving DeFiadoption among crypto holders. At the same time, we believe that Lattice coulddo a better job because there are limitations with Ethereum as a base layerprotocol. Transaction fees are super high and the block confirmation speed isvery slow. It makes these products not suitable for active trading activitiesat a greater scale. Lattice is built on Constellation HyperGraph main net andit also supports bridge for Ethereum. HyperGraph is a native blockchain basedon Proof of Reputable Observation (PRO) which improves the scalability ofEthereum. Lattice supports mainstream DeFi assets on Ethereum and guaranteessystem performance at the same time.


Jingwen:What is the overall development progress of Lattice? When will it launched? What are the next steps?

目前Lattice 的项目整体开发进度怎样?什么时候可以上线?又有怎样的下一步计划?

Jorgensen:We are already launch our MVP (and Phase 1) . In our MVP deployed a user friendly interface like Uniswap while aggregating liquidity pools (1inch exchange). Our focus is to not be too innovative on our MVP as we want to work with what people are familiar with.

In Phase 2 at the end of the year, Lattice will already feature as a hallmark cross-chain liquidity and cross-chain pools. There are not many ecosystems out there right now that can handle this aspect in relation to swappable assets.

Phase 3, 2021 Q1, encompasses the entire buildout and trade settlement on the Hypergraph with its near instant settlement and fast tx.




Jingwen:Lattice 能和现有的基于以太坊的DeFi项目实现互操作性吗?

Is Lattice platform interoperable with existing DeFi projects built on Ethereum?

Jorgensen:Yes, Lattice is first built on Ethereum network and we are developing a bridge to Hypergraph mainnet. In our phase 2, Lattice will feature as a hallmark cross-chain liquidity and cross-chain pools. One of the main features is cross-chain liquidity. Cross-chain liquidity means access to multiple chains at the same time and the ability to swap assets between two or more ecosystems.

是的,Lattice初步将会在以太坊网络上搭建,我们正在搭建一个Constellation Hypergraph主网与以太坊的跨链桥。在开发的第二阶段,Lattice将会成为跨链流动性和跨链池的标志。

Jingwen:Can you tell us Lattice's token economy, Any wonderful designs do you think we should have attentions on?

你能向我们介绍下Lattice 的代币经济模型吗,有什么精彩的设计是我们需要关注的?

Jorgensen:LTX, it’s native tokenintroduced in the system as the governance token as well as to incentivizetrading activities on the protocol.


LTX GovernanceCommittee aims to become fully decentralized andgoverned by the token holders of the protocol and for the benefit of theplatform users. Therefore, the LTX governance committee is established toprocess proposals and let the community vote on proposals.


As Lattice productsare different from traditional order book based DEXes, instead of marketmakers, the liquidity provider mostly contributes to the platform throughdepositing in the pool and earning transaction fees in the respective pool. Tokick start the platform liquidity, there are token rewards given to users whoadd assets into the protocol.


For each transactionthat happens on the platform, the transaction fee is set to be 0.03% initiallyand is subject to changes based on the decisions by the governance committee.Majority of the transaction fee will be rewarded to liquidity providers in therespective pools and the remaining will be swapped to LTX tokens and burned toreduce the circulating supply of the tokens.


Jingwen:现在Yield farm的DeFi项目非常火,Lattice 是否会有类似的计划呢?

Now Yield farm is very popular in DeFi world, will Lattice have some yield farm plan?

Jorgensen:Definitely. Lattice will launch it’s farming program when platform launch. Lattice will feature common pools of the erc20 ecosystem. Users can create their own pools as well. Smart routing will let traders get the best deal with the least slippage.

是的,Lattice 会在平台诞生后开启自己的流动性挖矿计划。在Lattice聚合器上将拥有erc20生态系统的常见交易池。用户也可以创建自己的池。智能路由将使交易者以最小的滑点得到最好的交易。

We will be allowing individuals to stake DAG and earn LTX Tokens. DAG wallet addresses are already compatible and similar to Ethereum’s. This will allow people to be instantly cross chain compatible between DAG and Ethereum. DAG will give access to Ethereum. This was the entire vision in 2017 — to make blockchain chains interoperable (but no one really knew why or how to do it). DeFI is a great use case to show the value of cross chain liquidity.


The LTX token will be quite interesting from a farming perspective, especially when cross-chain pools are implemented. It allows DAG holders to use their DAG in cross-chain pools and earn LTX as rewards — thus giving utility and governance to both tokens.




















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